What’s in Bloom

A citizen science initiative at MLBS

What is it? 

What's in Bloom is a volunteer-driven wildflower monitoring program that occurs throughout May and June at MLBS.  Weekly guided walks along MLBS trails are open to community members, Station residents, Mountain Lake Lodge guests, and anyone else who is interested.  This program is not recommded for young children.  Those unable to attend the walks can catch up virtually at our Bloom Blog!

The walks are led by volunteers who are skilled in plant identification.  Participants learn the basics of field plant ID, observe species in bloom or in fruit at MLBS, and record basic phenology data.  Participants gain an increased familiarity with local flora, a better understanding of plant ecology and phenology, and a greater ability to identify unknown plants they encounter in the future.  The station benefits from a growing dataset that provides insight into the species diversity, distribution, and phenology of its flowering plants. 

Scheduled Walks

What’s in Bloom walks occur regularly throughout May and June.  If you are interested in participating, please contact the station office at 540-626-7196, or email the station manager, Jaime Jones, at jjones@virginia.edu.  

Please wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes and dress in layers.  A bag lunch is recommended.  Call the station office with any questions.  

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